A new serie of elegant wine.

The Seaside Cellar wines are produced of grapes growing in vineyards situated close to the sea or ocean
This geographical situation allows the grapes to have optimum wine growing conditions: some heath during the day and gently cooled down in the evenings by the breezes of the nearby sea or ocean.
This results in a new series of wines with lots of freshness and fruitiness.
The Seaside Cellar wines are to be enjoyed outside during summer grills with friends or family or during cooler nights inside the house as excellent aperitif or food accompaniment.

Keep our seaside clean

Keep our seaside clean

Our wines are selected through an exclusive network of quality wine producers located in different parts of our planet.
The wines are bottled in the country of origin in order to optimize and guarantee our qualities but also to preserve as much as possible the local economy of our producers.
This unfortunately causes an increase in carbon emissions because some of our wines require maritime transport.
Which led us to think how we could compensate this in the same way as some airlines offer to do it to their customers.

It is natural that our attention is turned towards the sea and it is the RACE FOR WATER ODYSSEY project that seemed to us an excellent project to support.
We will try to help to alert of the alarming pollution of our oceans and the solutions that are available today to quickly reduce this disaster.
We hope to contribute to ensuring that our SEASIDE throughout the world remain clean.

For more information or should you want to donate yourself please visit their website:

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